With a fully integrated infra-structure and multi-discipline resources, Hyd-Cyl Engineering (HCE) is in good stead to understand and customize to the industrial needs of its clients.

By the guiding passion to provide technical products and comprehensive related services, every engineering solution is unique and deserving.

At HCE, we take hydraulic cylinder beyond its conventional technicality as we craft solutions in efficiency and effectiveness based fashion. The Company is set to create the mutual rewarding working relationships through innovative products and service excellence, and by this virtue, we deliver productions and we build relationships too.

To be a leading corporation in the manufacturing and sales of ‘HCE’ brand hydraulic cylinders and related engineering services.

We seek to understand the customers’ requirements and provide solutions with quality products and seamless services. We treat all customers as business partners always with understanding & respect. We provide conducive working environment for our people talent. We adhere to governance and compliance as a responsible corporate citizen.

Strategically based in Singapore, Hyd-Cyl Enginering (HCE) is a home-grown setup known for its design customisation and product quality capabilities. 95% of the products are tailored made to suit the respective technical precisions and engineering requirements – locally and regionally.While the business activities, services and operating structure evolve in respond to the ever increasingly challenging circumstances, the corporate mission remains.

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